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Palisade Security Fencing
Palisade Security Fencing

CDH is a joint venture of ClarkDietrich® and Hadley Group®, two global organizations with more than 100 years of experience.

CDH Custom Roll Form, Inc, a leading manufacturer of component and custom roll-formed products, is a joint venture of U.S.-based ClarkDietrich and Hadley Group, headquartered in the U.K. These are two global organizations with more than 100 years of combined experience that have worked together in various capacities over the past 15 years. We have access to all their technical and manufacturing expertise in addition to our own.

CDH provides in-house roll forming, stamping and slitting to produce just about any product in either truckload or smaller quantities that meets the needs of our customers.

We offer customers in North America unmatched innovation, engineering and manufacturing knowledge, as well as a wide distribution footprint and first-class customer service capabilities.

Shaping What’s Possible
Roll Forming

Our market-leading roll forming technology allows our profiles to offer a number of advantages over extrusions, including significant savings in weight and increased strength. In addition, the roll forming process is faster and takes less energy than extrusion.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

We also provide a range of flexible, responsive and proven services for sheet metal work and fabrication, while also being to source your exact materials requirements.


Our versatile stamping capabilities allows us to form complex metal parts in a short amount of time while also incorporating assembly. We can also utilize press brakes and shears to meet your specific needs.


Supply Chain

In addition to our design/engineering and manufacturing strength, we are an excellent distribution partner. We can leverage our vast, well-established distribution network to produce and ship items to wherever customers need them quickly and efficiently.

Latest news
CDH Custom Roll Form Achieves Three Years ofAccident-Free Operation.
CDH Custom Roll Form Achieves Three Years ofAccident-Free Operation.

CDH is proud to announce an extraordinary safety-related milestone. As of January 1, 2024, the CDH team has worked 3-Years Accident-Free completing 1,095 days with over 91K + labor hours worked.

Market Spotlight

Our USA-made products meet all domestic manufacturing requirements. Our people have seen and experienced just about everything through the years, which means a better end product, delivery and customer support to meet your needs.