High-Security Palisade Fencing

 High-Security Palisade Fencing

Best in Safety and Security

Palisade Security Fencing is a great option for outdoor use when a higher level of security is required, and the architectural look of the fencing is important. It is designed to be permanently installed in an outdoor environment and is often used for both industrial and commercial buildings.  

The product is rolled from galvanized steel and is protected by a resilient powder coating that when combined offer a long lifetime for the product. The spikes at the top of the fence deter people from attempting to scale the fence.  

To ensure the best in safety and security at your facility, select high-security palisade fencing from CDH Custom Roll Form.

A Best-In-Class Solution

In addition to serving as a visual deterrent to any unwanted visitors, CDH palisade fencing provides a physical barrier while complementing the surroundings. 

Our attractive designs combine with high strength, security and durability to meet the needs of any facility. Our palisade fencing system provides much greater security than traditional chain link or wire-mesh fences but with the design and aesthetic appeal of ornamental fencing. 

All the roll-formed components of our palisade fencing system (vertical and horizontal rails, posts and pickets) are manufactured in the USA using high-tensile steel and roll-formed with precision into profiles that provide high strength and versatility for your particular needs. Our top-quality connection hardware makes each connection point secure and safe, and our range of components provides the ultimate in flexibility and options.

Why CDH?

CDH is a joint venture of U.S.-based ClarkDietrich and U.K.-based Hadley Group and offers more than 100 years of combined experience, and technical and manufacturing expertise. We have in-house roll forming, stamping and slitting as well as internal testing and laboratory facilities. Our engineering support group is the largest in the industry, and we feature a wide product distribution footprint and first-class customer service capabilities.

CDH has received ISO 9001:2015 certification for its quality management system in its Warren, OH facility. The certification has a scope of the manufacture and supply of cold roll-formed sections to customer requirements for, but not limited to, custom profiles, construction components, power transmission and metal fencing.

Product Documentation

Product Brochure
PDF Palisade Fencing Brochure
Bill of Materials (BOM)
These are the most common configurations, but more are available.
Please contact us at info@cdhrollform.com for more information.

PDF BOM 8' Two-Rail
PDF BOM 8' Two-Rail ICC
PDF BOM 8' Three-Rail
PDF BOM 9' Three-Rail
PDF BOM 10' Three-Rail
PDF BOM 10' Three-Rail ICC
PDF BOM 10' Four-Rail
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ICC-EC Listing Report
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