We offer roll forming, sheet metal fabrication and stamping options for our customers.

Roll Forming

Roll forming is one of the most versatile and productive manufacturing methods ever devised for forming metal, and CDH offers in-house roll forming, stamping and slitting to produce just about any product for any need.

The roll forming process involves a continuous bending operation in which a long strip of coiled metal (usually steel) passes through a series of contoured rolls, progressively forming the metal to achieve the desired cross-section profile.

CDH's advanced manufacturing process is:

  • Ideal for constant-profile parts with long lengths and in large quantities
  • Maintains a high degree of consistency and accuracy
  • Suitable for a wide range of metals
  • Allows for custom product design and manufacture
  • Delivers effective solutions to complex challenges

If you require punching, marking, embossing, printing and/or stamping capabilities, CDH can meet all of your needs. We also provide hot-dipped galvanizing and other coatings.

Sheet Metal & Fabrication

CDH provides a range of flexible, responsive and proven services for sheet metal work and fabrication. We can source your exact material requirements in CR, HR, Zintec, galvanized, pre-painted/coated, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and any non-standard materials. We also offer a full range of finishes and coatings, and have experience packing and shipping to locations around the globe. 


Our versatile stamping capabilities allows us to use dies to form complex metal parts in a short amount of time while also incorporating assembly. Our high-speed stamping presses produce high-quantity and high-quality parts very quickly.


CDH has a robust quality program from start to finish that includes initial Sample Inspection Reports (ISIR) pre-production, manufacturing process control and a final approval process.

Our engineering group conducts the ISIR at commissioning. Also, at the start of each production run and every shift, we run a First Off Inspection Report (FIOS) and then follow the strict Level 4 Production Part Approval Process (PPAP).

Our process control includes using mini tab software for process conformity where we take precise measurements throughout production to monitor quality. Our on-site quality equipment includes an optical comparator with up to 50x magnification to compare the actual profile to the print.

All CDH operators have been trained on our quality process and safety program to meet all OSHA requirements. Our QA system monitors all inbound materials and measures and scores our suppliers to provide operational excellence and product conformity for our customers.